Tatum To MMA? Respected MMA Veteran Thinks He Can Do it

Former Strikeforce middleweight champion and current UFC fighter, Cung Le believes that Channing Tatum has a shot inside the Octagon.

And he’s saying this from personal experience.

Check it: (Via FOX Sports)

“Channing would actually have the best chances out there of anyone else,” Le told FOX Sports on Wednesday.

Van Damme is a black belt in shotokan, Li is a master of wushu and Dwayne Johnson is a longtime pro wrestler. Tatum? His athletic background ends at one year of college football as a linebacker.

Still, Le believes he would be the most qualified. The two have trained together before and the Le, an action-film star himself, is impressed with his friend’s natural ability.

“He’s strong, he’s physical and he’s not scared at all,” said Le, who worked with Tatum in the 2009 movie “Fighting.” “If he would dedicate as much time as he did in the movies [on MMA], he would do fine.”

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