Tatsuya Kawajiri Plans to Introduce New Move In His UFC Debut: The ‘Kawa-Chan Hold’

Tatsuya Kawajiri will finally be making his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut this Saturday at ‘UFC Fight Night 34: Singapore’. The Japanese native will be facing fellow octagon newcomer Sean Soriano in a featherweight bout.

Kawajiri is looking to make a name for himself in his first fight inside a Zuffa cage, and he intends to do that by making his opponent submit to a brand-new submission hold. In a recent interview with BloodyElbow’s Anton Tabuena, Kawajiri explained exactly how he’s going to set it up and what the new hold was called.

“I will hit him with a punch, take him down, pass his guard, and then I’ll finish him with my special hold called, Kawa-Chan Hold.”

If the exact chain of events don’t happen to take place, Kawajiri is well prepared to finish the fight in other ways as well. He is just as much of a knockout artist as he is a submission expert, finishing twenty-one of his fights inside the distance.

Kawajiri is most likely known to most U.S. fans as one of Gilbet Melendez’s many victims in Strikeforce, but he brings so much more to the table overall than he did in that performance.

With a record of thirty-two wins and nine losses, labeling Kawajiri “experienced” would be an understatement. Since first stepping foot on the canvas in 2000, Kawajiri quickly became a mainstay in Japan’s biggest promotions. He has defeated the best in Shooto, PRIDE and DREAM and is looking to expand his legacy with a victory this Saturday.

Do you think Tatsuya Kawajiri will be able to ride the momentum of his five-fight winning streak to another victory? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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