Tarverdyan — Ronda Would Fight Cyborg on 24-hours Notice


“(Laughs) It doesn’t matter what she says. I’m sick and tired of hearing that girl’s name. It really doesn’t matter what she says. She knows where Ronda is, UFC is ready. Dana and everybody is ready to sign her, and even though Ronda’s the best in the world, we don’t even need her in the way, you know? She just talks for no reason, you know? Don’t talk, make the division, come to the UFC, and we’re ready to fight. Ronda’s ready to fight. Doesn’t matter who it is, Ronda loves challenges. She went back to back with a hurt knee against – she had to do operate [on] her knee, she still fought with a knee like that with Sarah McMann [who] nobody beat at that time and good wrestler, silver medalist, and stopped her with a body shot. Ronda loves challenges, so it’s not like Ronda’s scared. That’s just unnecessary talk.

“Ronda would want to fight her tomorrow. If you’re telling Ronda you’re fighting tomorrow, she’s making the weight. Ronda will make the weight definitely within the day. 100 percent Ronda would make the weight in one day. She’s done it before in the ultimate fighter. How does Ronda make weight in one day? She lost all of that weight, 20 pounds – more I would say – in one day. So Ronda will fight her tomorrow. That’s 100 percent a fact. I know my fighters. We can’t lie about things like this, because if we lie, we can’t be true to ourselves when we train, and when I talk about Ronda, everything is a fact. Everything is true.”

“No way, no way, no way, no way. Ronda beats Cyborg any given day in striking. Any given day. Cyborg fought a Muay Thai girl – and we have coaches that have trained with her too. We know her – she got dropped with a push kick (laughs) on her face. No way. You know, Ronda has sparred with the best female Muay Thai champion in United States. They know Ronda is the best of all of them. It’s not only the best. 14 ounce gloves, they’re most of the time they’re on the floor and getting up, you know? No way. Ronda’s too good for her.”

“There’s more girls of course, that do deserve to fight Ronda also, like Jessica Eye and you know, their time will come too. Ronda’s going to demolish her, you know in front of her home town so she could keep her mouth a bit closed. We usually don’t get into female business when they’re fighting, but definitely this chick talks a little bit too much, and Ronda’s real excited to fight her, real focused, and is gonna eat her alive. That’s what she’s going to do”