Study finds no neuropsychological risk in MMA

Bisping KOs Le

In a recent study done by Christopher Heath and Jennifer Callahan on the brains of MMA athletes, a result that may come as a shock to some was concluded, “the neurocognitive performance of MMA athletes was indistinguishable from control athletes not regularly exposed to repeated head trauma“.

The study used ‘MMA Athletes’ that trained on average 2.6 days per week, with grapplers who do not sustain head damage acting as the control group.

Of the 28 athletes that trained 2.6 days a week, 29% admitted to being KO’d in the past, and 50% admitting to being TKO’d in the past.

The study went on to suggest that “participation in the growing sport of MMA by a typical athlete may not pose significant – or at least unique – neuropsychological risk”

The study also noted that additional research may be required to take into account intensity of sparring as well as how frequently the athletes are hit in the head.

What do you think PENNation? Do you agree with these findings?

– via Combat Sports Law

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