‘Stitch’ Duran Open To UFC Return, Has Advice For Dana

stitch dana

Longtime veteran cutman Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran was released from the UFC and all hell broke lose.

Fans have since been calling for boycotts and canceling their Fight Pass subscriptions, not to mentions the hell they’ve been giving Dana White on Twitter. Needless to say, no one was happy about it.

Duran recently spoke with MMAFighting and did say that he would be open to returning to the company, if they asked him to.

“Yeah, absolutely. I’m the kind of guy, I’m not going to have hard feelings. I think it was a knee jerk response. I don’t think the UFC realized they picked on the wrong guy. I bring more to the table than just wrapping hands and working on cuts. The fans, the fighters, the trainers, even people within the organization, and commissioners, have called me. They should understand I bring a lot more. If they called me tomorrow, I’d be more than willing to sit down.”

And about all that hell that Dana White’s getting from fans who aren’t happy with things? Well, Stitch has a cure for that.

“If I was a doctor, my prescription would be two words, `I’m sorry.'”

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