Sorry Reebok — Brendan Schaub Shows Puma Some Love!

While some fighters participate in the sport solely because they appreciate the art of fighting while testing their skills, others have the ability to take a step back and consider the harm they’re putting their body though may not be worth the check they’re getting in return. This is the conclusion heavyweight Brendan Schaub came to when Reebok signed an exclusive deal with the UFC, barring fighters from wearing their sponsors to the octagon.

Schaub claimed he stood to lose over $90,000 if he were to replace Reebok’s sponsor pay with the checks he was getting from his loyal sponsors and spoke out against the deal. He was quick to make it clear that he was against the deal for himself and understood that the partnership between UFC and Reebok could help some fighters, however.

For reasons unbeknownst to the public, Reebok has not made a fight kit available for Schaub even though they have them made for the entire UFC roster. Schaub felt the hate and brushed it off his shoulder as it looks like he is getting love from ANOTHER athletic company!

Should more fighters follow Schaub’s lead, or is the Reebok deal truly good for the sport? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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