Sonnen: ‘Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Going To Put Me To Sleep’

Chael Sonnen quotes

Chael Sonnen

We are only hours away from the biggest prizefight of the decade taking place and former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen wants the world to know how he feels about the fight.

The always vocal Sonnen recently posted on Facebook that he doesn’t really care for the upcoming fight! “After years of speculation and months of hype, I still don’t care. If you thought you waited a long time to see this fight, it’ll feel even longer to get a decision.”

Sonnen went on to discuss how frustrating their fighting styles are by hinting they’ll be avoiding each other all night. “And let’s be honest, when Pacquiao winds up to land that one punch that can knock out Mayweather, you could take a bathroom break, and get back to your seat before he’s landed it. This fight reminds me of the Kentucky Derby, if the favorite horse ran away from the other horses the entire time.”

Even though he was blasting the fight for the entire Facebook status, Sonnen knew the fans weren’t going to leave happy unless they got his prediction. “But you want a prediction and I won’t disappoint. During the fight, someone is going to sleep. Me.”

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