Sonnen Talks TUF Brawl And How Being A Victim Messes With His Bad Guy Image

“I’m on top of Wanderlei Silva without a mouthpiece, I could’ve bit him, but I didn’t,” said Sonnen. “He’s got no gloves on. He could have eye gouged me, but he didn’t. There’s rules, even in a street fight with me and Wanderlei who hate each other. There was a weight stack right next to where we were fighting, and what his coach did was one step away from picking up a weight and just crushing my head with it. There’s no way around the fact that what he did was illegal.”

“Not only do I not need to be applauded, I like to be booed. I may be the only guy in sports that the louder they boo, the bigger the smile I’m going to have on my face. So you be the good guy, and I remain the heel. And I just couldn’t get him to understand. And I kept trying to explain that, Wanderlei, when you have a mob mentality which is what he has, the more people he has standing behind him and the less I have with me, the bigger his courage grows. If you approach me 6-on-1, this is going to endear me to the audience because I look like a victim. And I don’t want that. You go ahead and deal with the applause, and I’ll go ahead and walk through the crowd that’s throwing their beer and nachos on me. I like that. But he was too stupid to grasp the concept.”

In a recent Q&A with FOX Sports, UFC middleweight, Chael P. Sonnen discussed the infamous TUF Brazil brawl and how Wanderlei Silva just couldn’t get into the right role.