Sonnen On Jones: He Could Beat Tyson And Ali At The Same Time

“As great as Jon Jones is, I don’t think he realizes how good he is. He could beat Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson at the same time. News flash buddy, you are the best. Maybe Tito Ortiz had a couple more wins, but he didn’t have the competition he’s faced. If I feel pressure, yeah, there’s a lot of pressure. This is a tough guy in a tough environment. That’s the sport. I don’t earn title shots. Title shots earn me. I don’t go after main events, main events go after me. Whether I earned or not or if I deserve it, I take what I want and that’s it.”

During yesterday’s UFC 159 media conference call, Chael Sonnen, showed nothing but praise for his upcoming opponent, Jon Jones.

We’ve seen what happens in MMA vs. Boxing matches, but could Jones really best two of the all-time greats at the same time??

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