Sonnen: ‘I’m Not Sure Holm Can Outstrike Rousey’

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen isn’t giving upcoming title challenger Holly Holm much of a chance against the champ, Ronda Rousey.

It would be a difficult task, finding someone who’s making the argument that Holm will be able to out grapple the champ, but there are those who point to her pro boxing titles and experience when saying that she has a chance to stand and out strike the undefeated champion. However, Sonnen is not one of those people.

Sonnen says that Holm’s boxing titles can’t really hold up, as he considers them ‘not real.’

Check out what he said on The MMA Hour:

“Again, she’s got some skills. You’ll hear the expression ‘a puncher’s chance,’ but she’s not very good at punching. Those boxing championships, they’re not real. I’m not sure she could outstrike Ronda. She definitely can’t outgrapple her. I wish her the best.”

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