Sonnen: After Shogun The Plan Is To Leave Wanderlei ‘Face Down and End His Career’

“On August 17, a fight’s going to take place and everyone’s screen saver will be Wanderlei’s face. Not scowling or pouting or pounding his fist, or stumbling with English or rolling his wrist, but watching in horror as docs try to wake his little henchman Shogun who made the mistake of cutting in line on my way to his boss, and ended up knocked out and trying to explain the loss. Sitting at the press conference table with Wanderlei outside, hailing a cab for the panic-filled ride to Logan Airport, or better still to the docks, to stow away, on a boat to Brazil to get away from this gangster right here, who will eventually will leave him face down and end his career.”

During last nights edition of ‘UFC Tonight’ on FUEL TV, the Oregon Gangster, Chael Sonnen went back to targeting Wanderlei Silva, another Brazilian who has been his target for several years.

Should he get past ‘Shogun’ this weekend is Wanderlei a logical next step for Chael or should he move on?

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