Smooth! Benson Henderson defeats Jorge Masvidal via split-decision

Benson Henderson at weigh-ins

The main event of UFC Fight Night 79 in Korea featured former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson (22-5 MMA) taking on Jorge Masvidal (29-9 MMA) in a welterweight contest.

Benson opened the striking by landing a solid leg kick on Masvidal. Jorge is pressing forward but Henderson is able to stick and move while landing leg kicks. Masvidal attempts a flying knee and gets countered by a big right hand from “Bendo” which causes him to hit the deck. Henderson tried to follow up with punches but Jorge got back to his feet. Round one comes to an end with both fighters in the standing position.

Henderson began round two by landing some solid kicks to the legs and body of Masvidal. Jorge scores a takedown but it is short lived. The fighters engage in a solid exchange against the fence before clinching up. Masvidal is the aggressor but it is Henderson who is landing the better strikes to close out round two.

Benson utilized his jab at the start of round three. Masvidal is starting to get frustrated as he is finding it difficult to get inside. Big standing elbows from Henderson. Masvidal clinches up and begins trying to work for a takedown. Henderson isn’t having it and switches the position. Henderson with some more solid clinch work to finish off round three.

Solid combination from “Bendo” to begin round four. Masvidal is pressing forward but Henderson is using solid footwork to keep his distance and counterstrike. Henderson gets Masvidal up against the cage and begins utilizing some knees and strikes from the clinch. Benson with a takedown and tries to take the back of Masvidal but slips off. Back and forth action in the grappling game, but neither man can gain control. Round four closes with both men in the standing position.

Round five and it is clear the Masvidal has some work to do. Benson attempts a flying knee but misses. Henderson wraps up Masvidal and starts landing strikes from the clinch. Jorge sinks in a stand-up guillotine and has Benson in real trouble. Henderson falls to the floor and is able to escape the submission attempt. Spinning back fist attempt from Masvidal but he misses and “Bendo” moves in to the clinch. Some intense grappling scrambles and we are now in the final minute. Benson would control the final moments of round five and appears to have done enough for the judges decision.

Benson Henderson defeats Jorge Masvidal via split-decision (48-47, 47-48, 49-46)

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