Silva Not Ruling Out Weidman Trilogy

Anderson Silva Artsy PNG

“I think about fighting for the title again, of course. I have seven fights left in my contract and, if I have a chance to fight for the title again, I will fight. I will fight the fights I have left in my contract and, if I earn a chance to fight for the title one day, against (Weidman) or not – not being a friend or a training partner –, I will be happy.”

In a recent interview with his manager Jorge Guimaraes on Passando a Guarda (via, Anderson Silva discussed his return to action in early 2015.

Anderson Also discussed his bout with Nick Diaz:

“It’s going to be a show for the fans. It will make history as the best striking match of all-time.”

“I’m really excited. It’s my comeback, I have to be excited. I’m training a lot, really happy with everything that is happening. Nick Diaz is a tough guy. He fights really well, has a great physical condition and a great technique, so it’s going to be a nice fight.

“If Nick does a clean fight, if he fights standing without stalling, we’ll do a spectacular fight,” he added. “Nick has a great boxing and it’s going to be a fantastic fight. Every UFC fan will like it.”

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