Schaub: ‘Fighting No Longer Makes Financial Sense For Me Under Reebok Deal’

Brendan schaub

UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub isn’t sure if he will fight in the UFC again.

The TUF alum says that because of the new Reebok deal, where he would only make 10K, he doesn’t see the benefit in fighting anymore, since he has so many other things going on outside of the cage. Here’s what he had to say on his podcast:

“To me, there came a point, especially with this Reebok deal, where I said, ‘Okay,’ and I’m not trying to get in trouble, not trying to make headlines; this is just me talking, being real. So, I said to myself, ‘Okay, Reebok wants my exclusive rights inside the cage for 10K…for 10 grand. Man!’ You know what’s going on in my world as far as entertainment goes.”

“So, I got in trouble on Punch Drunk, kind of, because I said, because people on the forums-why grown men are on forums, I have no idea-because I go on Punch Drunk and go, ‘Man, the only thing that’s gonna get me out of bed is if you give me a superfight. You wanna give me Rampage Jackson, you wanna give me Shogun … a big, blockbuster fight, I’ll get out of bed for that.’ No time soon, because I have some crazy stuff going on, but man … for me to fight for 10K for a Reebok deal, you’re batshit crazy, man. You’re not getting Big Brown for 10K.”

Do you think he’s making the right move?

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