Sage Northcutt: ‘I believe I can win the world title’

Sage Northcutt on if he got nervous going into his first UFC fight: “Believe it or not, I felt really calm. I’ve visualized it a thousand times: walking in and standing in front of the crowd and my opponent. There were some butterflies in my stomach, but not too much. Once the fight starts, you’re ready.”


Northcutt on if he’ll stay in college or train more: “Last semester, I was taking classes full time and I didn’t have enough time to train MMA. This semester, I took off some of my classes and this was the first fight I truly got to train for. I might take a little time off from school to train. I’d be a totally different animal if I trained full time.”


Northcutt on his goals: “When I was nine years old, I was on the cover of Sport Karate magazine. Then I said that I’d fight in the UFC. Now I’ve done that and I believe I can win the title belt. That’s my new goal.”


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