Royce Gracie: ‘Failed Drug Tests Show The System Is Working’



With the recent string of PED busts, inside and outside of the UFC, many fans, and fighters, are saying the the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, has a massive drug problem that needs to be fixed.

With two of the UFC’s pound for pound kings, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva, failing drug tests in the span of 30 days, it is undeniable that something needs to be done about PEDs in MMA.

However, MMA pioneer Royce Gracie doesn’t see it that way.

He spoke to MMAFighting:

“It shows that the system is working. You’re trying to look at the bad side, I’m looking at the good side. Instead of trying to encourage people, ‘Oh, let’s ban MMA because everybody is doing drugs, let’s ban NASCAR because they’re advertising drinking and driving.’ Let’s look at the good side. The system is working. Let’s not try to put down the fighters because one fighter made a mistake, decided to party and do whatever.”

“How many people got caught [recently]? Five? Five of how many we have in the sport all over the world? I don’t think it’s a problem.”