Roy Nelson Uses Racial Slur While Discussing Daniel Cormier

Roy Nelson has long been popular for both his consistently entertaining fights and humorous interviews with members of the media. This time, however he may have crossed a line.

In talking about his rivalry with fellow UFC heavyweight, Daniel Cormier, Nelson used some unwarranted language. In discussing Daniel Cormier’s decision in turning down a fight with Roy Nelson to pad the start power to sell the injury-riddled UFC 161 card, Nelson used the term “Uncle Tom” in describing Cormier’s comments to “kick Nelson’s ass for Dana White”.

Nelson stated in the interview, conducted by Ariel Helwani of, that he was just quoting African-American friends of his who used the term to describe Cormier themselves, but regardless, the term has no place in a professional interview.

As for a potential reprimand, there doesn’t seem to be much of one on its way as Dana White laughed the comment off when asked about it in a subsequent interview with Helwani, later in the UFC 161 media day.

His UFC 161 bout with Stipe Miocic marks Nelson’s last fight on his UFC contract with a win giving him leverage to arrange a new deal that is more financially adventitious.

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