Rousey On SI Swimsuit Photos: I Didn’t Show My “Cash And Prizes”


Earlier this month, UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was featured in the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (See the NSFW picture gallery HERE)

Rousey posed for many photos, with some being slightly more racy than others in the eyes of some fans and critics, however Rousey doesn’t see it that way.

The champ spoke to media members regarding the shoot:

“Well, no one saw my vagina. There’s the one big difference. The agreement that me and my mom came up with was whatever you’re not willing to show in public, you won’t show in a magazine. So if I’m gonna tan on the beach with my top off facedown, how is that different than anything I’ve shot so far? If they can’t see your cash and prizes, then I’m fine with it. If I’m gonna do that on a Saturday, then what’s wrong with me doing it in a magazine?”

“I purposely, any time I do a shoot that’s aimed for any kind of feminine or sexual purpose, I try to be a little bigger on purpose just to promote a healthier body image. It’s kind of funny, I think that says a lot more to change what women expect from themselves than not doing anything at all, than withholding any sexuality at all. I think that changing the kind of media and images directed at men changes what women expect out of themselves.”

– Transcription via MMAFighting