Rousey On Cyborg: ‘You Look The Exact Same As When You Were Using, So What Changed?’

The ongoing beef between UFC champion Ronda Rousey and Invicta champ Cristiane Cyborg doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

They both continue to go back and forth, throwing jabs and challenges to each other. In the most recent statement, Rousey called Cyborg out once again for her past steroid use.

On a recent episode of  ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ Rousey talked about her reluctance to fight Cyborg at a catchweight or at 145 because she believes the Invicta champ only wants to stay at that weight because of her steroid use, saying that if she wanted she could come off steroids and make the 135 weight limit easily.

Ronda admitted she doesn’t have proof that Cyborg is still using, but points to the ‘smell test’ saying that Cyborg still looks exactly the same as she did when she was busted for a banned substance. Rousey said look at other fighters, like Vitor Belfort, who have come off of say TRT and look way different physically.

Here’s what she said:

“That’s the thing, when you look at these people from before, when they’re using, and after, when they’re not, they look entirely different. And ‘Cyborg’ looks and weighs exactly the same. If she gets off, it’ll be very easy for her to make weight, from what we’ve seen with every single other person that’s gotten off.

I can’t say with proof or anything, but if you look the exact same as you did when you were using, then what changed?”



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