Rousey: I don’t feel bad for Tate

There has been much talk of former UFC women’s bantamweight title challenger Miesha Tate retiring after being snubbed for a title shot.

The title shot snub was the catalyst for potential retirement talks, however for Tate it was the UFC inability to let her know what exactly it is that she has to do to get another title shot against Rousey.

When asked about Tate potentially retiring by MMAJunkie during the UFC 193 media day, Ronda Rousey didn’t hold back.

“I think it’s an empty threat, because to be honest, I have more miles on me than she does, and her best bet for a career is to wait for me to retire, and her and Holly (Holm) could probably end up fighting for a title. I think that would be a really good fight.”

When asked if she felt bad because Tate had been promised the title shot, and was then snubbed, Rousey didn’t have any sympathy for her nemesis.

“I don’t feel bad for her at all. She thought I didn’t deserve a title shot when I got one, and so who am I to begrudge that to Holly.”

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