Rousey: Carmouche had “Most effective staredown ever”

Rousey Carmouche

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey often looks extremely intimidating, and supremely confident during staredowns as well as during her walk to the Octagon.

However even the undefeated champion admits that she has been thrown off during staredowns.

“You know who was the smartest ever, to really f– with me in the staredown? Liz Carmouche. I’ve had girls try to get in my face, I’ve had girls try to smirk with me, stuff like that. Liz Carmouche just started spitting game right then. I was totally distracted.”

“Well, I don’t want her girlfriend to get mad at me or anything. Let’s just say it was the most thrown off I’ve ever been.”

In addition to ‘spitting game’, which generally refers to flirting, Rousey said Carmouche sang her own walkout song and even began dancing.

“Liz, I think she started singing her own walkout song and she started to dance and everything and I was like I can’t, I have no previous information on the subject, no knowledge of how to react to this. So no, that was the most effective staredown ever.”

(Transcription taken from MMAFighting)

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