Rothwell: ‘I’m not getting any respect’


UFC heavyweight Ben Rothwell isn’t feeling the love that he feels he deserves.

After beating Matt Mitrione this past weekend he gave one of the stranger post-fight speeches in recent memory, making bold statements very reminiscent of professional wrestling, and giving a creepy laugh at the end.

When asked about the antic at the post-fight press conference, Rothwell said he did it to make some noise because he’s always being overlooked.

“Inspiration, I think a lot of it comes from the writers right now in MMA. Constantly, I just feel like I’m overlooked and I’m not getting any respect”

“Everybody picked Mitrione. I kind of get used to it. I like it. Keep making me the underdog. I like putting a loss on your picks.”

“I think for the next fights that I want, I’m going to continue to be the underdog. And that’s just fine with me because you see it doesn’t make a difference.”

Did you catch his strange speech? Do you think Rothwell has what it takes to compete for a UFC title?


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