Rothwell: ‘I Don’t Think Dana Even Watches UFC’

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Big Ben Rothwell feels like the UFC isn’t paying any attention to him, and it’s just not fair.

That is basically the summary of what he said while being a guest on The MMA Hour. Rothwell said that he was disappointed and felt kind of ‘gypped’ because Dana White, Joe Silva and Joe Rogan were all absent from the fight in New Orleans, where he put on a show for the fans and chocked out Matt Mitrione.

The heavyweight isn’t even sure if Dana White watches the UFC anymore.

“I just wanna talk to him. I talked to Joe Silva, and Joe Silva said it’s even hard for him to talk to Dana White. Dana White is a bigger star than all of us, I don’t think he has time for us. I don’t think he even watches UFC. It’s funny.”

“I want to talk to Dana White because I want to be at the UFC Fan Expo. I’m looking at the list and seeing these people and I don’t even know who they are. You’ve got the champions coming, you’ve got the veterans, Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell, awesome. Then there’s a group of people who are signing and I don’t even know who they are. Really? I want to be there for the fans. They’re trying to get autographs.

“Social media’s awesome. But being able to shake hands and sign autographs feels a lot more to me. I’d like to get some of those opportunities. UFC Fan Expo is a great place to be, but UFC kind of doesn’t give a sh*t about me.”

Do you think Rothwell has a point?

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