Ross Pearson Feels Like He Lost ‘Half A Paycheck’

Ross Pearson was on the short end of arguably one of the worst decisions in MMA history this past Saturday. Pearson talked about what losing that bout meant to him in an interview after the fight.

“He put on a tough fight, but I think I won every round. It just sucks. I’m hurting right now. I believe I’ve lost half a paycheck. The judges here, they don’t lose half a paycheck. I feel that I’ve been robbed.”

Pearson isn’t the only one who felt the judges robbed him. After the decision was read the MMA community erupted in cries of robbery at how Pearson was served one of the worst decisions ever. Diego Sanchez on the other hand felt he won the bout saying:

“I definitely thought I won the first and third round. I can’t really assess it, but definitely thought I won the fight.”

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