Ronda Rousey Says Fighting A Transgender Opponent Depends On…..

former ufc women's bantamweight champion


Ronda Rousey has talked before about Fallon Fox, who is a transgendered MMA fighter.

Now, in a recent interview with Howard Stern, the UFC champion again talks about the potential of fighting a transgender opponent.

While she doesn’t come out and mention Fox, she does say that it would have to depend on the situation. Check out her reasoning below.

“One of those things that has to taken on a case by case basis. Like if you, if they find out that you’re a man who identifies as a woman before puberty they can put you on hormone suppressant therapy so you can wait until you’re 18 and prevent yourself from going through puberty and then after you’re 18 decide ‘yea I really want to go through with this.’

“Situations like that where you haven’t been through puberty as a man already, I feel like there wouldn’t be a real physical advantage. It’s one of those things where I’ve really tried to research it a lot and be educated about it. I feel like every case is different.”

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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