Rogan On Reebok: ‘It Seems To Be A Huge Disaster’

Joe Rogan

When’s the last time you bought a pair of Reebok shoes?

Anyway, the talk of the town is still the UFC/Reebok deal and probably will be for a while, until the UFC can find a way to rectify the fighter backlash.

Fighters are claiming to be losing a ton of money because of the new deal. Brendan Schaub came out and said before the deal he was making 6 figures in sponsorship deals, per fight. Now, according to the new deal he would make 10k a fight. If that is accurate of Schaub’s part then….well that just really seems terrible.

You know it’s an issue when the UFC’s commentator starts questioning the deal. Here’s some of what Joe Rogan said on his podcast.

“This is a big deal now in MMA that Reebok is the official sponsor for the UFC. Fighters can’t have independent sponsors when they walk into the cage now and financially it seems to be a huge disaster for the fighters.”

This does appear to be a pretty lackluster deal for the fighters to say the least. Time will tell what comes of all this. But I did buy some Reebok socks that were really comfortable.

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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