Rockhold Slams Belfort: ‘He’s Mutant Enough For The Next Expendables Movie’

UFC Middleweight Luke Rockhold has been calling out several fighters lately, namely Michael Bisping and Vitor Belfort. Rockhold has particularly taken interest in calling out Vitor Belfort and taking shots at The Phenom’s colorful past which includes several failed drug tests, including a recent one which ended up seeing Belfort still get licensed to fight Chris Weidman in December.

Rockhold continued his onslaught of insults directed at Vitor Belfort in an interview with

That licensing is questionable. Is the fact that he cried supposed to make us feel sorry that he’s been a lifelong cheater? He’s pretty much a pathological liar. He should really consider taking up acting. Maybe he should read for the next Expendables movie. He’s pretty much enough of a mutant to fit right in there.

It hurts my heart that guys like Vitor get rewarded for their conscious mistakes, but Karma is going to get him sooner or later. He can only skate by for so long.

Rockhold continued with his ideal scenario for a fight for the title should Weidman beat Belfort to retain the title:

As tempting as it would be, I’d rather not make the path to the title any longer than necessary, so I’d want a straight go at Weidman over avenging that loss to Belfort. Here’s my opinion; there’s no way in Hell Vitor makes it to this fight. Something is gonna happen that prevents it.

He’s either going to get off steroids, train and then get injured because he’s not on them anymore, get caught for PEDs, or he’s going to back out with an “injury”. One of those things is going to happen, and Vitor Belfort is not going to make it to his fight.

When one of those scenarios happens, I will be ready to step in. I tweeted it the other day, and I meant it. The fight is a good ways away, and anything can happen, so I’ll be ready to go.

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