Rockhold “DISGUSTED” With Lombard’s 12-Month PED Suspension

Luke Rockhold

Luke Rockhold Machida

“Everyone speaks highly of the guy. His track record is simply amazing, but I’ll believe it when I see it. You see them making those efforts and then they try to make excuses for Anderson Silva. Anderson’s a legend, but the fact is, he got caught for using steroids and he should be punished. They’re talking about stepping up punishments, but it was still a one-year ban for Hector Lombard. One year in this sport is nothing. I’m disgusted by a one-year suspension.”

Luke Rockhold is not happy about the way UFC officials handled Hector Lombard’s failed drug test.

Lombard tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and was made an example of when he was among the first fighters to be suspended and kicked out of the official UFC rankings. This, in turn, damages the amount of sponsorship money he gets as he will no longer be affiliated with Reebok until his return to the ranks.

Rockhold mentioned while talking with MMAFighting that the UFC is contradicting themselves by punishing Lombard, but holding off on punishment for Silva who also failed a drug test for performance enhancing drugs.

Where would you draw the line?


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