Report: Anderson Silva To Admit To Steroid Use

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva

Since it was announced that Anderson Silva failed a random pre-fight drug test, as well as his fight night drug test, he has been relatively quiet regarding the drug testing failures with the exception of one statement.

While there isn’t a date set for Silva’s hearing with the NSAC, there has been much talk regarding what Silva’s defense will be for failing 2 separate drug tests.

Now, a report has surfaced with the Brazilian website UOL that says ‘The Spider’ will claim his steroid usage was therapeutic, and taken to strengthen the muscles around his leg.

In addition, Silva will claim that his anxiety medicine, and insomnia medication, which are both banned substances, were taken with intentions of being muscle relaxants. Working with his defense of using anxiety and insomnia medications as muscle relaxants, Silva will also reportedly cite his back injury which he feared would leave him paralyzed (See that HERE) as a reason for needing a muscle relaxant.

Silva will also reportedly claim that the amount of steroids found in his system were not enough to provide a performance advantage over Diaz.