Rashad Evans:’I do believe I can beat Anderson Silva’ | UFC NEWS

“It would be a lifestyle change, not just prefight stuff. The whole diet year-round would have to change. Naturally, my body goes to like 235 when I’m not consistently training. I’d have to change everything about my diet on a daily basis. If the opportunity were available, I would do so. One reason why I didn’t do it was, “Why would I make the drop to 185 if I’m in the same place I’m at at 205?” Why cut the extra 20 pounds? If it were a title shot or against a top contender or something that people want to see, then again, at the same time, I’m already at the top of my division. For me to go to 185, I’d have to start over and prove myself at 185. I am good at 205, but who’s to know how good I’d be at 185? There’s a lot of variables that would come into play. First thing’s first, I’d have to do a test cut and see how I feel there. That’d be some other options that I would think about as well if I would consider doing it. It’s a big question mark for me. Once I got past 30, my body started changing a bit. It used to be really easy to make 205 and now I have to be careful about supplements that can mess with my weight. I can be 227-230 without even trying. I’d have to get a dietitian or get on the Dolce Diet or something.

It would be a tremendous honor to have held the belt in two different division and also to beat Anderson Silva. I get excited every time I get a chance to watch him fight. When my career is said and done, i want to say I competed against some of the best guys in history. Fighting Anderson Silva is something for me, to say I went against the best ever. Fighting against that guy and beating that guy, because I do believe I can defeat Anderson Silva.”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans, took to the UFC 156 pre-fight conference call to field questions and promote his upcoming fight. On the docket was a possible move to middleweight and his thoughts on a fight against Anderson Silva.

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