PUNK’D! DC Responds to Chael: ‘He Wore a Fake Belt After He Got Submitted!’

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier

Jon “Bones” Jones’ recent run in with the law has shuffled the whole deck that is the UFC light heavyweight division. After he was stripped of his title due to his recent run-in with the law, it was announced that Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson would be fighting for the vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

Former UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen caught wind of this and claimed that anybody who took that title after Jones vacated it was a punk! “If Jon Jones stays in the division and you accept a title while he’s still in the division and you didn’t beat him, you’re a punk. You’re a punk! I would never put a belt around my waist knowing the guy five feet away from me is the true owner of it.”

Daniel Cormier responded to Sonnen’s statement by saying he would have taken the title shot too if he was offered it. “I think he would in a heartbeat. That’s the thing about Chael, that’s what you have to realize when you get to know him. A lot of times he’s just talking.”

Cormier continued, “He would have taken this opportunity very quickly, just like he did to fight Jon when he had come off a loss to Anderson Silva in the second fight. He will always take those opportunities. That’s just him talking.”

Chael Sonnen had the opportunity to dethrone Jon Jones at UFC 159, but was stopped in the opening round of the fight. Sonnen is known to contradict himself a bit for the sake of entertainment, and Cormier is 100% aware of that. “Today, he’ll wear the belt, even though he doesn’t fight anymore. You can go ‘Chael, here you go.’ This is a guy who paraded around with a fake belt after getting submitted by Anderson. He said ‘this is my belt,’ even though Anderson submitted him. You’ve got to think of who you’re talking to. Remember the source.”

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