Pettis Promising 1st Round KO Of Melendez

Anthony Pettis UFC champion

Anthony Pettis UFC champion
“The fans can expect me finishing this fight in the first round. I’ve been out for a year and I’m excited to be back. I’m healthy, ready to fight and, unfortunately, Melendez will be my first opponent after my return. I say unfortunately because I’m sure that I won’t need more than one round. I have to shut up a lot of people and I have others to face.”

“Gilbert is a cool guy but we haven’t chatted so much during the season and we haven’t had any arguing. He was there to be a coach and so was I. I’m a fighter and I have a belt for a reason. I got injured and couldn’t train like I wished but I’m back. When Khabib’s time comes, we’ll fight. Now I have Melendez in front of me and that is my concern but if Khabib is next, we’ll fight.”

– UFC lightweight champion, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis, via

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