Pettis: ‘Annoying Khabib Can’t Strike’

Anthony Pettis

“He is definitely annoying. I feel like his striking is like an amateur level. He only gets by on his wrestling. He thinks his striking is going to be good enough to survive against me, take me down and grind me out for 25 minutes? He’s never done that. He’s never fought a main event for 25 minutes.

“Anybody can wrestle for 15 minutes, but it’s different when you’re fighting for the title. At the same time, his striking is amateur compared to where my wrestling is. My wrestling is on a way higher level than his striking if you want to compare the two.”

“He’s going to have to wait his turn. I’m going to take these fights one at a time. If I look at this division as a whole, I’ll never sleep. There’s so many killers out there. I’ve got to focus on what’s next, and that’s it.”

In a recent interview with, UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis talked about Russia’s top prospect in Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Is the champ right?

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