NSAC Director: ‘Aldo Has To Pass Our Examination To Fight’

Jose Aldo


Jose Aldo isn’t in the clear yet. There are a few things that will take place before we can officially say he’s fighting at UFC 189. The UFC said he has a bruised rib and is ready to fight, but he still needs to get passed the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The NSAC director, Bob Bennett, talked to MMAJunkie about the proceedings:

“So if he’s hurt and he can’t fight, he’ll reveal it to us, or he should. I understand about the injury he has, and I understand they’re taking a look at it, and they’re evaluating him, and those are all questions that really should be directed at the UFC, because we’re working hand-in-glove with them. At this point and time, it’s not a regulatory issue.”

“He comes in, he fills out a pre-fight questionnaire, and my ringside physicians go through their normal physical examinations. If he can’t pass the normal physical examination that’s done, we would get into additional questioning. But anything prior to that, if nothing’s revealed to us that prohibits him from fighting, just like every athlete has some type of injury prior to an event, whether it’s baseball, basketball, or football – everybody’s injured to a certain extent. But if he’s hurt to the extent that he can’t fight, I’m sure the UFC is going to let us know, and bring it to our attention.”

This is going to come down to the wire folks.

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