Diaz Lawyer Not Confident With Nevada Pot Hearing

Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana the night of UFC 183 and his fight with Anderson Silva. He has yet to have his hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, but his lawyer is already feeling nervous about it.

His lawyer, Lucas Middlebrook, spoke with MMAFighting and said that because of other cases that he’s witnessed, he isn’t feeling as confident as he was before about reaching a settlement with Nevada deputy attorney general Christopher Eccles.

“I was on the phone listening to this thinking, Well, this is a little concerning. You’re going to agree to a settlement with Eccles only to show up and have them say to present your case?”

Middlebrook is referring to hearing he listened to where boxer John Molina, who had already agreed to a settlement with Eccles, was asked to present his defense in front of the NSAC. The NSAC then rejected the settlement.

“It made me a little cautious about going there without preparing a case as well. If they’re going to make you present your case anyway, you might as well take your best shot, right?”

He also said that he expects the hearing to take place in August or September.

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