Nick Diaz: “I’m a better stand-up fighter than Anderson Silva.”

“A lot of the fan base can conceive why I’d be a good fight for either guy (Lawler or Hendricks). Either one of these fights would be a good fight for me. I’m the No. 1 draw in this weight division, that’s just the way it is. I win by submissions, knockouts. There’s guys ranked above me, but no one’s interested in seeing them fight. They want to see me fight. You want to make a good fight, this’ll be a good fight. The guys [Hendricks has] beat haven’t been stand-up guys. He’s a wrestler who punches hard. I’m not sure what the UFC’s agenda is when it comes to me. It’s their show, their press. They can change to whatever they want to do at any point. They own this thing. They can do whatever they want. If they don’t want this right now, they don’t have to do it. It’s more about the fans wanting this.”

“People aren’t stupid. You can’t ignore their real, ultimate understanding. They know what’s going on. It’s mixed martial arts. The real fans of martial arts understand intuitively … there’s a connection with me. You know when I fight, I’m going to sell out the show. Everyone wants to see someone get knocked out or tapped out.”

“Me calling out Roy Jones is disrespectful. But if they want to do that, want to do something like that, [combining] sports [in a boxing match], I’ll do it. I feel I’m a better stand-up fighter than Anderson Silva.”

It’s weird to see so many statements from Nick Diaz come out in the past week or so. We usually never hear from the Stockton Bad Boy himself, but here he is and he wants a title shot.

He just doesn’t want to earn it. ‘He’s the only draw’, so that should be enough.

In this most recent of interviews with the L.A. Times (above), Diaz also stated that he would fight Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match and believes he stands a better chance than Anderson Silva.


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