Nick Diaz on DUI: ‘I’m not Lodi PD’s favorite’

Nick diaz

Earlier this year, Nick Diaz was charged with DUI, and obstruction of justice for attempting to make himself throw up after the Lodi PD asked him to take a breathalyzer test.

While fans feared Diaz bout with Anderson Silva at UFC 184 may be in jeopardy, the bout wasn’t cancelled, and will go down January 31st.

Diaz spoke at the ‘UFC: The Time is Now’ press conference about the arrest saying:

“Where I live, everybody knows how it is in Lodi. You can’t even drive through town at the wrong hours without getting stopped. I was just having a real bad night. I wasn’t really getting along with the officer very well. There’s a lot to that story that people don’t understand. I haven’t really been having a lot to say about it. It’s not a big deal to me. It is a big deal, of course, but there’s a lot to the story that people don’t understand.”

“I’m not their favorite, I guess,”

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