Nick Diaz Accused Of Stiffing Coach Of Pay

Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz boxing coach Richard Perez is accusing his pupil of stiffing him on his cut of his payout from the Georges St. Pierre fight, and refusing to give him a contract for the Anderson Silva fight.

Perez has been a staple of the Diaz camp for much of Nick, and Nate’s careers, however he claims that he was never paid after the GSP fight, and as a result stopped training Nick Diaz the month of UFC 183. Perez revealed that Nate Diaz on the other hand pays him very well, which may be in part to a different manager.

He explains to Submission Radio:

“Well what happened was you know when he fought his last fight – not this one with Anderson Silva, but when he fought George St. Pierre — I didn’t get my percentage on the pay, and I don’t know what happened with the mix up with the manager and Nick. And then so he let the other manager go and he hired this other man named Lloyd [Pierson] as the new manager and they met [up at] my gym; and you know we renegotiated for the purse, and I asked for a contract and they said it was fine. That was in October. So then I started training Nick and I kept calling Lloyd and I wasn’t getting no contract. So I just felt like, you know I think it was around the 12th of January I decided I don’t want to do this anymore, because I don’t want to get burned. So I texted Lloyd and told him I’m not going to do this unless I get my contract like you promised me, and that’s what happened. They didn’t want to give me the contract so I felt like I didn’t want to get burned again. But I guess I did. It’s sad because I brought him all the way up to the top, and this is what they talk about his, striking and he gets…this guy’s a legend and he gets a big pay, and then I’m being pushed aside. So you know, that’s what happened. So yeah I’m hurt about it. You know and it’s sad because you have a relationship with a guy, [you] teach him to do something that he doesn’t know, and you bring him to the top and he breaks the record for throwing the most punches; and all of a sudden I’m out.”