Nate Cool At #2 During Potential Melendez Title Reign

Nate Diaz

With the return of Nate Diaz on the horizon, many are wondering what Diaz will do if his teammate Gilbert Melendez defeats Anthony Pettis for the lightweight title next month.

Diaz answered the question on everyone’s mind on Chael Sonnen’s ‘You’re Welcome’ podcast recently.

“I’m completely content with Gilbert being No. 1 and me being No. 2. I’m good with that, because that’s my partner. When Gil gets the belt, when Gil wins this fight and gets that belt, I won. That’s a win for me. That’s my brother. That’s pretty much my goal here.”

“People are dumb; they don’t know how to answer the damn question. If someone’s even considering talking about fighting you, then what the f-ck are you friends for? I don’t think people even know what friendship is in this sport.”

“I hear people, ‘Oh, I’ll fight him if we get paid a million dollars.’ My partners are my partners and it’s not even a consideration. Other people just give hints and ‘ifs,’ so it makes everyone curious.”

“If anybody ended up stepping up and beating him, which I don’t see, then it’s always been like that. If I lose, he’s going to pick up the scraps and take out the guy. Not too many guys are going to beat both of us.”

“I’m content with him being No. 1 and me being No. 2, and that’s pretty much the objective here. It’s pretty much you’ve got Pettis and him fighting for the belt and competing for that position. I think I’m already No. 1 and No. 2 right now, so the deal is almost sealed.”

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