Nate Diaz: Size No Issue For Nick, Against Anderson Silva


NAte Diaz


“Nick’s a good size. Anderson Silva fought Ryo Chonan, Jeremy Horn. All those guys weren’t the biggest guys. Nick’s a good size for 185. He’s not huge, but it should be a good fight. That’s a fighters’ fight.

“Oh course [Silva’s] probably going to hit hard and be bigger a little bit, but he’s not the ‘hold you down and use his weight’ type of guy. He’s more of a martial arts type of fighter. In the technical aspect the weight could have a slight advantage but I don’t think it’s going to be too much. I mean, it could be a slight advantage if you get hit and s**t, but I don’t think the weight thing is going to be some big, crazy ordeal.”

“Look at that Ryo Chonan [Silva] fought. That was a just little person. I met Ryo Chonan. I’m like, ‘You’re just a little …’ I think when he met and saw me [and said], ‘You fight at 155?’ I think he dropped a weight class right after he saw me. This little motherf***er’s fighting at 185 so I’ve seen [Silva] have some harder fights with smaller guys.

“Jeremy Horn is a good fighter, but he’s not the biggest guy, either. I trained with Jeremy Horn back in the day and I’ve seen Anderson Silva have a pretty rough fight with him.”


In a recent interview with, “You’re Welcome With Chael Sonnen“, Nate Diaz broke down his older brother’s upcoming fight against Anderson Silva.

Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva is set to headline UFC 183 on January 31.


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