MUST SEE! Rogan, Bravo and Schaub are like little kids in a candy store talking about a Conor McGregor versus Nate Diaz match

On Joe Rogan’s latest edition of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, renown grappler Eddie Bravo and former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub talk about the UFC on Fox 17 fights as well as a broad variety of topics, common for the podcast.

Check out Rogan, Bravo and Schaub and how excited they get talking about Nate Diaz’ expletive post-fight interview (12:36) and go on talking about a potential matchup between Diaz and UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor.

The guys giggle with excitement talking about how McGregor was called out at the event on Saturday. “Dude, this is how bad*ss Conor McGregor is,” Rogan said. “Three fighters called him out. Three fighters! Three!” Schaub commented, “You see his reply? ‘Get on your knees and beg!’ So gangster, so gangster,” said Schaub as they all blew up with excitement.

It is a must watch and hilarious to see how thrilled the veteran martial artists are of the sport and potential matchup!

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