MUST SEE! Holm spars with lucky fan during UFC 193 open workouts

At UFC open workouts, fighters normally work some combinations and show off some takedowns with coaches and training partners while the crowd cheers.

Holly Holm got to the UFC 193 open workouts before her coaches and decided to bring an enthusiastic fan up on stage to do some light sparring with just push kicks.

Holm explained why she did this to MMAJunkie:

“So I went in there and I was just shadowboxing and jumping rope, and there were a couple of fans that were really exciting. They’re calling out, ‘Throw a superman punch,’ or ‘throw an axe kick.’ So it was fun, because they got to tell me what to do, and I was like, this makes it more fun because I’m not by myself.”

When Holm spotted the enthusiastic fan, she decided to get her involved.

“I’m always going to involve the fans. If they’re going to come here just to watch us do an open workout, I want to be involved with them.”

How cool is that?!

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