More News On Julianna Pena’s Arrest: Allegedly kicked two men in the groin, prior to arrest

If you think nothing exciting goes down in Spokane WA, guess again.   The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) winner Julianna Pena was arrested last night on two counts of assault.  According to public information officer Cpl. Jordan Ferguson of the Spokane PD, officers were called to a fight outside the bar that Pena and training partner Josh Gow from Sikjitsu fight team were possibly involved in.

Pena and Gow were seen by witnesses and an alleged victim that they attempted to enter Zola’s Bar with Gow’s face covered in blood trying to use the bathroom.  Both were told by employees that the bar was closed which is when Pena was “irate” according to a witness.

Witnesses to the Sikjitsu team mates claimed that Pena kicked one of the employees in the groin and kicked the owner not once but twice in the groin.  Witnesses also saw Gow rubbing his bloody face on the bars front window.

I’m not a film director or anything but I’m pretty sure a movie starring Pena in a zombie themed action flick featuring Gow’s natural prowess to rub his bloody face on windows could do ok in the Box Office, in the Spokane County Court system, not so much.

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