‘More Damage Than Anticipated, Going To Be out Longer’

CAin VElasquez

“The surgery went well, but there was more damage than anticipated, which didn’t make sense to me because he’s so freaking tough. If Cain says ‘oww’ it must be a lot worse than he’s making it out to be, because that guy can take pain like I’ve never seen. So when it turned out that his MCL was worse, they put two anchors on it, it turns out he’ll be out a little longer than anticipated.”

“[Velasquez]’s on crutches right now. Two weeks on crutches, and then he’ll be on the knee brace for I believe six weeks. So, if you count all that, you can’t figure out the numbers.”

In a recent interview with MMAFighting.com, Javier Mendez, head-coach for the UFC heavyweight champion, discussed the recent withdrawal, and injury, of Cain Velasquez.


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