‘Mighty Mouse’ Doesn’t Care If His Opponents Cheat With Steroids

“I don’t care if my opponents are cheating or not. I train my butt off to fight the man who is put in front of me whether he’s on steroids or not. I want to play on a level playing field, but if they knew about it beforehand and didn’t stop it, at the same time, I took care of business. No big deal.”

Johnson’s most recent opponent has been suspended for 12-months following their bout for using the cardio boosting EPO. The Champ stated,

“Who’s to say if the EPO even affected his performance? If you know he’s on it, and you know what EPO does, who knows, maybe he would have gassed in the third round. In the fourth round I had his back and he was saved by the bell. Who knows? Third round. he could have been crazy gassed. We’ve watched his previous fights and by the third round he was gassed, but who knows? He still had some pep in his step come the third round.”

In a recent interview with MMAFighting.com, Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson discussed the controversial topic of performance enhancing drugs.


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