“Mighty Mouse” Appreciative Of UFC’s PR Team — ‘My Flower Is Blossoming’

Demetrious Mighty Mouse Johnson

“Basically me and Dave Sholler sat down and he’s was like “look bro, each time I hear you do interviews you stop and edit yourself. Like, I know who you are as a person and I just felt you’ve hidden yourself.” So when he told me that, then I was like “okay, well I’ll just start talking like the way I usually do when I am at home in front of everybody”. And so with that being said, it wasn’t like a negative conversation we had back and forth, or him just trying…he’s basically just trying to help guide me, and that’s basically what most of the guys who work in the UFC PR office do. I mean I’ve been knowing Dave Sholler since WEC days and I’ve come a long way in my career, and now he’s just trying to help me, you know, blossom into a beautiful flower I guess you can say.”

UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson recently spoke with Submission Radio and talked about his issues with selling fights and being a ‘must see’ fighter.

It’s no secret that he hasn’t pulled in the kind of numbers that some of the other UFC champs pull in, and that doesn’t mean he’s not a great fighter or even exciting. He just tends to not be very vocal or interesting when he does media and interviews leading up to his fights. Basically, he’s no Conor McGregor.

For the UFC that can be an issue. If he’s not selling fights than they don’t make money. So apparently the UFC’s Dave Sholler sat down with the champ and talked to him about opening up more and being himself around the camera.

Think it will work?

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