Mendes Fires Back, Calls Aldo Disrespectful

Chad Mendes has responded to recent criticism made by featherweight champion Jose Aldo last week about Team Alpha Male and Chad Mendes, who the champ called disrespectful after someone from Urijah Faber’s Ultimate Fitness wrote Renan Barao’s name down on a list of people who had signed up for a Duane Bang Ludwig Muay Thai seminar.

Mendes joined to respond to Aldo.

About someone writing Barao’s name in that list, nobody of our team did that. I’ve seen that Aldo said that I’m going to pay the price for this joke, but I’m not afraid of him. I’m not scared with the fact that he’s maybe coming tougher this time. Whatever it was, a guy from our gym did that and it was removed shortly after. He’s talking about disrespect but what about when he beat me and jumped out of the octagon and ran into the crowd? This was very disrespectful too.

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