Melendez Steals Contender Slot From T.J. Grant With UFC 166 Performance

Few fights have ever, or will ever live up to what was UFC 166’s Melendez vs. Sanchez fight.

The two lightweight fighters threw down for 15-minutes straight until the eventual winner, Gilbert Melendez, got his hand raised.

UFC President Dana White is putting Melendez right back up in the contender chair and as he told the media following Saturdays event, TJ.. Grant will likely have to take a backseat.

“T.J. Grant’s in one of those unfortunate situations where he’s had a title shot, and he had to pull out twice, so he might have to come back and fight another fight, we have to keep this thing rolling. It’s (Melendez’s win) a huge step back for T.J. Grant.”

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