McMann Not Sold On Rousey’s Hands: ‘She Thinks She Can Beat Cain Too, So I Don’t Take It Serious’

Remember when Ronda Rousey said she could beat Cain Velasquez?

Well so does Sarah McMann.

Ronda was also quoted recently in stating that she believes she has the best striking in her division as well. And why not? Shouldn’t the champ be the best at everything?

Of course they should. And if they’re not, there’s nothing wrong with hyping your skills up before a title fight.

But it’s those types of comments that have Sarah questioning the legitimacy of Ronda’s actual skill set and she didn’t shy away when asked about Ronda’s assessment of herself.

Check it:

“She also said she thinks she can beat Cain Velasquez, so I don’t know. I don’t really take comments where people are assessing themselves very seriously.”

“I just always felt that I wanted to expand my striking on the way up, rather than be at the top. Bringing something in untested to a title fight is a dangerous thing to do, I think.”

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