McGregor on Aldo vs. Mendes II: ‘I’ll kill both of them’

“I put him (Poirier) away in the first round and there’s still six weeks until the title fight. Someone could slip on a banana peel. Chad Mendes could slip on a banana peel. And, hey, let’s bring in that handsome Irish guy who keeps ripping people’s heads off, that will sell more pay-per-views than both Chad and Jose.”

“I think Aldo is on his way out to be honest with you. He’s complaining about the money. I don’t think he wants it anymore. He’s fed up with it. He obviously has injuries back-and-forth. I know that can be deteriorating on the mind.”

“But in the first fight, Chad got embarrassed. He got beaten everywhere. His takedowns got stopped and he was getting mauled on his feet. And then he got KO’d in the first round. You can’t look past that.”

“If Chad ever had a chance it would probably be now. He has the momentum with T.J. Dillashaw winning the fight with Renan Barao, Aldo coming off an injury. It’s his best chance, but we’ll see. Ultimately, I don’t really give a shit. I’ll kill both of them.”

During the latest UFC 178 media stop, in Los Angeles (Replay HERE), UFC featherweight Conor McGregor fired off at his division’s champ, Jose Aldo and its top contender, Chad Mendes.


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